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March 21 - April 10 Commemorative Period

Superintendent Brent Stevens encourages you to look at the website created by BUSD's Libraries team to honor and uplift the contributions of labor leaders Caesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Larry Itliong, and Philip Vera Cruz.

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Black History Month Art Contest

Check out the winners in poetry, digital art, visual art, music, and performance categories!



Student expressed ideas and emotions in verse and free verse.


More Than Just Black Lives

Two BHS seniors collaborate with poetry and photography to express what matters.


“Culture Club(s)”  at BHS

They reflect the diversity of our student body and provide opportunities to connect and advocate.

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Student Leadership in a Nutshell

Here’s a snapshot of the many student leadership opportunities at BHS.


Distanced Learning: A Student's Perspective

Overcoming a lack of motivation and coming up with a routine.


Greendot, BHS Stop Harassing, Title IX

Student leadership and district resources to address the sexual harassment and harm students experience.

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Jacket Articles of Interest

A few recent Jacket articles that jump out at us.



Here’s an idea, let’s consolidate all the free academic resources we know about.