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student social media

Follow the PTSA on Instagram @ptsa.bhs

See below for more BHS Instagram accounts to follow.

Other Berkeley High social media

Social media is now integral to the BHS student experience.  Here are some of the Instagram @s being used.

@berkeleyhighcounseling : info about the counselors 

@bhs.latinxunidos : Latinx Unidos

@berkeleyhighmsa : Muslim Student Association 


@bhs_mcsa : Multi Cultural Student Association

@bhsjacket : school newspaper

@berkeleybsu : Black Student Union

@bhslead22 : class of ‘22  

@bhswsu : Women Student Union 


@bhs.apic : Asian Pacific Islanders Club

@ourmonologues.bhs : BHS student production 

@berkeleyyearbook : yearbook


Please GET IN TOUCH to provide additional Instagram handles to include here.

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