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PTSA 2021 September/October Bulletin

About the PTSA


BHS has a PTA that includes student leadership, it’s a Parent, Teacher, Student Association, one of the few. Our meetings and website give a voice to parents and provide a hub for resources and student expression. We have officers and monthly Zoom meetings, we publish to the eTree, we sponsor activities through our website, and we now compose bi-monthy bulletins.


Watch this short video to learn more about the PTSA

Our goal for this year is to establish sustainable leadership. We have built the infrastructure for the PTSA to flourish, now it’s a matter of attracting new parent, student, and teacher leaders. The PTSA is a way to get involved, get things done, and make a difference at BHS. 


The PTSA does not actively fundraise, instead we ask for member donations, You can join and support the PTSA on our website



Tatiana Guerreiro Ramos is our new VP of Equity and Inclusion 


Tatiana is known to many BUSD parents as the co-owner of Classroom Matters, and she's its learning differences specialist. In her advocacy for kids with learning differences, she helps families get support, services, and curriculum accommodations that promote student engagement. Given the depth of her experience and commitment to equity and inclusion, Tatiana is destined to put her stamp on this position’s role at Berkeley High. We welcome her with open arms.  


Sexual Harassment and Harm at BHS


It’s a long standing issue and each year more BHS students are traumatized by BUSD’s broken processes without any guaranteed recourse other than what parents and teachers can provide. Berkeleyside has covered recent developments, and BHS students frequently speak at Board meetings about their experiences and need for support. At our October meeting, a panel of parent, student, and teacher subject-matter experts provided perspectives and fielded questions. The consensus is that meaningful District and Board actions and investments to improve the response to sexual harm will not happen until many parents demand it. GET INFORMED: Read  Listen to the recording of our October meeting  Ask questions for a FAQ in the works, email them to  Show support now with your response to this brief questionnaire:



Our new website at 9 & 1/2 months  


On February 1, 2021 we launched our website, with our first annual Black History Art Contest in celebration of Black History Month -- check out the works of our photography, visual arts, poetry, and music student winners on the Student Life tab. 


The PTSA website gives a voice to students, teachers, and parents and provides a means to share BHS knowledge (inside information and perspectives on BHS are not easy to come by). Ultimately what makes a website valuable is its content. Our plan to add new relevant content has been “if we build it they will come.”  So we’re putting the word out.  The PTSA website can serve many knowledge sharing purposes. We welcome your interest, expertise and contributions.



The Math 1-2-3 Survival Kit


The curriculum used to teach Math 1,2 & 3 at BHS is called the Math Vision Project (MVP). There is no textbook, and new concepts are not taught with examples. It’s up to the students to figure it out on their own, which is a tall challenge for many. Enter the Math 1-2-3 Survival Kit which has links to over 2000 videos (curated from the tens of thousands on the web by Harvard and Stanford graduate and product developer Nina Hooper, who expended hundreds of hours finding the best matching video) for every Math 1,2 & 3 module's Ready, Set, Go exercise. The Math 1-2-3 Survival Kit on the PTSA website is the perfect tool for the student who is determined to succeed in math despite whatever math trauma they may experience at BHS. Check it out


Seeking a Few Students Who Believe They Are Not Good at Math


Peter Bloomburgh, a former BHS math teacher, would like to work with a few students on key Math 1 and Math 2 concepts and skills. Students will receive one-on-one tutoring while using a math website Peter’s developed. Peter graduated from MIT and held several senior management positions during his business career; he subsequently taught math at BHS for 12 years. Helping students become more confident about their math abilities is his passion. He is not charging for this service; if you are interested email him at




1. Skilled Wix resource to assist with web updates

2. Auditor to address PTA reporting requirements (previous PTA experience required)

3. Treasurer (PTA experience is helpful but the BHS treasurer has it easy compared to what K-8 treasurers do)

4. VP of Membership & Recruitment - seeking fresh energy, ideas, and determination 


Upcoming Meeting Topics


Nov 15 - 504 Subcommittee Meeting - Retests: who needs them & who gets them

Nov 16 - Monthly Meeting - Safety and Mental Health concerns in the Fall of 2021

Jan 18 - Monthly Meeting - 2021-22 Math Discussion Night


More meeting details are in our eTree announcements. All meetings take place via  Zoom; meeting information is on the PTSA website.