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Here is where you will find resources that we have talked about at PTSA meetings. 

ptsa zoom info

PTSA General Meeting Zoom Info (same link for every meeting): 81760391128?pwd=bWh0R1FHcU5GcE52MHAyUkh0OWdpUT 09


Meeting ID: 817 6039 1128

Passcode: 324368

504 Meeting Discussion

march 2021

These links were shared in the meeting:


Here is a link to the meeting recording. Passcode: a.z?!jP8

This was the first of two meetings on 504s.  The second will be in April.

Student Discussion on BHS Reopening

March 2021

"Let's talk Berkeley High" a PTSA sponsored conversation on BHS reopening with BHS students was hosted by BHS student & Student Board Director Miles Miller, BHS student & PTSA President Suhera Nuru, and School Board Director Laura Babitt.

distance learning survey results

January 2021

From a survey sent in the eTree and Student Bulletin PTSA meeting invitations.

PTSA Annual Math Discussion Night December 2020

How your Family Can Master Distance learning

September 2020 

Executive function (EF) is the foundation of all learning, be it remote or in-person. Practicing EF skills is essential to academic and life success, and these materials provide several scaffolding tools and strategies to try on your own. 

Presentation slides, Other resources and the Time Timer used in the presentation.


As a reminder, the path to success may be circuitous. Be willing to try and fail, discuss and evaluate in a non-judgmental/blaming way, and try again. Feel free to reach out to Classroom Matters with your struggles and your success stories.


Classroom Matters has developed an executive function workbook called Mastering Executive Function that is available for local purchase/pickup click here or through Amazon click here


Here is a link to the Classroom Matters blog which features advice and humor on all-things-parenting.


You can subscribe to their monthly newsletter to stay informed about the workshops and offerings at Classroom Matters.


Classroom Matters is located at 2436 Sacramento Street, Berkeley CA 94709 (510) 540-8646