information and News

What goes on at BHS and finding information can be a challenge. Here we pass on some key information and fill some of the holes.

Math illustration.jpeg

The Big Picture of Math at BHS

It’s complicated, it might be more than you want to know, a lot more. But if you’re interested and ready for a long read about Integrated Math, what’s concerning, and the PTSA’s involvement, here’s the full scoop. 

President's Message

Sandra Loving, one of the District’s most well known and respected parent leaders, is the new PTSA president, and she’s already made a huge impact on the future of the PTSA.

Video Conference

Emotional & Mental Health

The nature of high school and the size of Berkeley High can generate anxiety and depression, which social media exacerbates. Now, 9 months into distance learning, the landscape has changed and the situation is more serious. What’s being done?


Staff Interviews

It’s good to know more about the people who work with your kids at BHS. Check out present and past interviews with staff members by PTSA student and parent officers.

Distance Learning

Fall 2020 Semester Highlights

Here it is—in case you missed what BHS Principal Juan Raygoza sent out on December 15, 2020 to recognize all the good that has happened and will continue to happen within our BHS community as we move forward.

Covid 19

Distance Learning

The PTSA sent out a questionnaire prior to its January meeting on Distance Learning. Here’s what was learned, what was shared, and what meeting participants agreed the PTSA should do going forward.

Legs in Jeans

Sexual Harassment


Here’s a brief history of sexual harassment at BHS preceded by a non-legalese & non-BUSD-policy-speak summary of District's obligations and where to start if sexual harassment is experienced.


After School Sports

Not having sports during the pandemic has been another loss to process, but purple tier  sports tryouts will be happening soon. Here’s a brief overview with links to breaking news updates from BHS Athletics.

Distance Learning Tips for Parents

Berkeley's Classroom Matters, owned and operated by 2 BHS parents, presented "How Your Family Can Master Distance Learning" at our September 2020 meeting and shared additional resources for you to use.