Black History Month Art Contest 
2021 Winners


1st Place Winner:

Dear Black Girls By Shayla Avery

There was a girl I knew who hated going out in the summertime because she didn’t want to get darker


She hated the color of her skin because no one else in the room looked like her


That girl now loves her chocolate melanin complexion and how it amazes others when she walks into a room


There was a girl I knew who was at the top of her class but never spoke up because she didn’t want to be considered “that” black girl

Now that girl speaks her mind without hesitation 


There was a girl I knew who only wore extensions to school because she felt like her natural hair was too ugly, nappy, and “distracting” to be styled

Now that girl embraces all the kinks and curls that form her crown


There was a girl I knew who hated her body because it didn’t capture what society thought was beautiful

This girl now has learned that beauty is within, to be beautiful you must look beyond the surface


There was a girl I knew who felt like the world was against her, she was suffocating in her own skin

This girl now knows her power

She knows that her skin matters

Her voice matters

SHE matters

She is beautiful inside and out

This girl is me


2nd Place Winner:

Untitled By Christian Johnson

3rd Place Winner:


Photography & Digital Art

1st Place Winner:

Shadow Cycle By Konani Chinn

2nd Place Winner:

Hands Up

By Loren McErlane


3rd Place Winner:

Black History Month

By Jasmine Platt


Visual Art

1st Place Winner:

Looking Forward By Sadie Winkelstien

Looking Forward.png

2nd Place Winner:

Don't Touch My Hair

By Loren McErlane


3rd Place Winner:


By Amaya Dorman Mackenzie



1st Place Winner:

Relentless By E-Suave

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1st Place Winner:

How They Met: My Afro Brasilian Culture and Family By Phoenix Ferreira

2nd Place Winner:

3rd Place Winner: