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Associated Student Body

Leadership in a Nutshell

The Associated Student Body (ASB) Leadership offers many leadership opportunities for students at Berkeley High. ASB leadership has three parts: the executive team, the student senate and the class teams. Each team has many roles within it; some are elected and some are appointed.


  • The executive team is in charge of big school events like Graduation and The Holiday Meal. 

  • The student senate makes important decisions concerning the major school policies that are important to students. 

  • The class leadership teams plan major events pertaining to their class. For example, the senior class team might plan the prom, a senior sunrise, and other events throughout the school year. 


Being a part of ASB leadership can allow you to make new connections, gain confidence, and do amazing things at the school. 


You can apply now to become part of leadership for the 2021-2022 school year. Wednesday, February 17th is the deadline for elected candidate applications. Monday April 26th is the deadline for appointed position applications. 


For more information on how to apply and get more involved go to the leadership website: 

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