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More Than Just Black Lives

Photos By Lauri Loving and Poem by Suhera Nuru

Black Women, Black Men, Black Families, Black Youth, Black Lives Matter 

Repeat consistently till it’s implanted in all the close-minded folk 

Repeat till all wake up to the hypocrisy of ‘All lives Matter’ 

Repeat to those who support for clout 

Performative activism  

WTF man



When will we matter?

When will my human life be treated as a human life 

The lives of the many who are subjected to this life 

The life God blessed us with 


The melanin coursing through the skin

Seen as a disgrace, target, victim 



So deeply rooted 

The systems built to fail us 

The systems built against us 

But we keep on rising 


Black Future, Black Heritage, Black Love, Black Power,

Our culture became 

Our history became

Our lives became  


Legacy, literature, art, music, life, 

an inspiration


We live amongst hate, we love amongst hate, we survive amongst hate, we prosper, thrive, and continue to breathe amongst hate 


Chocolate, caramel, sun-kissed

Smooth, cocoa butter baby  


I love you 

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