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BHS Wellness 2022

The 2021-2022 school year is an unprecedented year at BHS. Students, Staff, and the campus itself have new critical needs.


The PTSA is committed to doing what it can to bring more emotional health resources to our students and staff. Currently there is no clear pathway for members of the extended BHS community to bring resources on campus. However, some mental health online resources and apps are available to BHS students and their families.


This new Wellness section of the PTSA website will centralize the PTSA efforts and what gets established. It includes:

  • A form that enables community members to to recommend potential resources

  • Access to resources as they become available

  • The capacity to provide more types of information or involvement opportunities


Instrumental to the PTSA's involvement is new VP of Wellness VP, Monique Buffler, who will provide expertise and experience and leadership.

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