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BHS’s Term System Must Be Adjusted to Preserve Students’ Knowledge

January 6, 2021, By Ruby Freedman

This article talks about the realities of the Term System in Distance Learning. It shines light on the fact that the “curricula have been accelerated” and it is also becoming more of a challenge to people who are taking STEM and language courses. 


BHS’s Black Student Union During the Pandemic

December 18, 2020, By Black Student Union

Berkeley High School’s Black Student union talks about its accomplishments at BHS and the importance of continuing to find ways to make change during the pandemic.  


Berkeley Community Members Rally to Reopen Schools

December 16, 2020, By Kieran Sullivan

Berkeley Community members come together to reopen schools. Young students speak on their experiences in Distance learning and why school should resume to in person school.


ASB Leadership Lacks Valuable Small School Representation

December 16, 2020, By Luisa Bertolli

This article talks about the importance of including Small Learning Communities (SLC) representatives in the Associated Student Body (ASB) leadership. Each Small School has different challenges and ideas,  and it would be beneficial to have them represented in ASB. 


Celebrities and Public Figures Abuse Privilege During Pandemic

December 15, 2020, By Lauren Huang

This article discusses the way in which celebrities and public figures have been abusing their advantages during the pandemic. It also highlights the effect that it has on the public. 

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