The PTSA President’s

Message for 2020-21

When I moved to Berkeley in 2010 and my oldest daughter started  2nd grade at a new school, I hit the ground running to get involved in the BAM community. I became a room parent and volunteered in its PTA.  Before long, I redesigned and ran BAM’s PTA afterschool program so that every child would have the opportunity to participate in enrichment programs parents brought to the school. It has always been immensely rewarding for me to know that I can make an impact in small ways. I feel it’s my responsibility to help where and when I can.  


Now I’m the parent of 2 Berkeley High students and an incoming 9th grader. Over the years, I have participated in many school and district committees. I clearly understand the difficult challenges many families face. I also work for Berkeley Youth Alternatives (BYA) as its Extended Care Coordinator, primarily serving our district’s high risk youth. In a sense, these kids are my other Berkeley family,  I know their parents and guardians, and year after year, I meet and communicate with their teachers, and participate in their IEPs. For over 30 years, I have worked in the field of public education providing supplemental services for students of all ages. It’s what I knew I wanted to do when I majored in Child Development in college, and it’s why I went on to get a masters degree in Human Services .  


Although I was actively involved in BAM’s PTA and volunteered in King’s PTA, I have never had a PTA executive role before now. I’ll be honest with you, I did not jump at the offer to become the president of the PTSA. But last year’s president was persistent and persuasive, and what broke my resistance was the added “S”. We’re a Parent, Teacher, Student Association. But even though Berkeley High is one of the few PTSAs around, it has never had student executives or student membership before now, or at least not to anyone’s knowledge. I’ve been at this for 8 months now, and I have to say I’m loving it. I am honored to have such an amazing student executive team. They have brought talent, spirit and sincerity to the job of developing their student exec roles. They have worked diligently to help build a website that will bring value to students, parents, guardians, and educators, a social media PTSA presence to expand our reach, and what we hope will become an annual event: the PTSA Black History Month Art Contest. Now, they are exploring ideas to provide more outlets for fellow students to express their creativity and connect with each other. It’s been a meaningful mission for them during this year of distance learning and one that reveals how the PTSA’s resources offer unique paths for parents, students, and educators to work together for the greater good of our school community.


Up until 5 years ago the Berkeley High PTSA was in a state of remission and hanging on to its charter by a thread. What the PTSA managed to accomplish in the past 4 years brought us to the point where we are now. The PTSA is thriving at this moment but will only survive in the years ahead if more people participate. So I welcome all BHS students, families, and educators to join the PTSA and use your voice and your energy to make things happen!!!

Sandra Loving, PTSA President 2020-2022